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Buying loose jeans is difficult if you have muscular quads.

Monday, February 7, 2005 by  
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When Lisa and I were out on Saturday, I decided to pick up a couple new pair of jeans. Simple, right? I’ve always liked Levis, but I was open to trying new brands. Well, nothing fit! It seems now all the popular styles are for people with chicken legs. I worked hard to build my quads to 24.5 inches, but I can’t stand wearing jeans that are tight on my thighs – I like a nice loose fit. The only Levis jeans that are big enough in the thigh (without having to buy a waist size 10 times too big for me) are the Silvertab baggy jeans. Well, we went all over the place and I couldn’t find them anywhere! I even went to the mall, which I really hate doing. Eventually I gave up and ordered them online when I got home (I should have done that to start with!) Man, doesn’t anyone do squats anymore? 😉

Cardio time and then I start a nice, normal 55-hour work week! This week is going to seem like a vacation after the past month!

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