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In the fat-loss groove; Sea bass!

Thursday, February 10, 2005 by  
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I’m definitely starting to lean out since I cut my calories back a bit more. My weight has only dropped another couple of pounds, but my mid-section is starting to become noticeably more defined. I measured my arms and chest this morning and I’ve not lost any muscle size at all – in fact my arms are slightly larger today compared to the same time last week! Last week my arms were just below 16 inches, this week they are right on 16 inches (cold/flexed). Yeah, I’ll take that! Also, I’m starting to feel more lean. I feel like I’ve switched gears and am finally 100% into the fat-loss groove.

Last night I had wild Chilean sea bass for dinner, served with brown rice and asparagus. It was a nice switch from the salmon I normally eat on Wednesdays. Very healthy (check food log for macros). I made it with olive oil, lemon, white wine, crushed black pepper, fresh garlic and capers. Wow – that’s one great tasting fish! It’s also very expensive, so I don’t think I’ll be having it very often.

Time for my workout. Have a great day!

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