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Staying strong in the face of pizza; Fat loss and the scale.

Saturday, February 12, 2005 by  
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Because Lisa and I are going out to dinner tonight, I was a good boy and had chicken and green beans last night (my usual cheat meal night). Lisa, who is very ectomorphic and could lose weight eating nothing but bear claws and sticks of butter, put my resolve to the test last night by eating a pizza. Pizza is my favorite food in the whole world, but I managed to overcome the craving and stuck to my planned diet. I was rewarded this morning by losing no weight at all! 😉 With my reduced caloric intake, I don’t know how I could be putting on any muscle right now, but my waist size is decreasing and I’m looking noticeably leaner – yet I don’t seem to be losing much weight on the scale. I’ve also noticed more vascularity in my arms. One thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years is to not put too much stock into what the scale reads. As long as my waist is shrinking and my muscles are not, I’m cool.

Cardio time, then a haircut and maybe a movie before Lisa and I have our fancy dinner this evening. Should be a fun day – hope yours is, too!

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