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Water loss; bulking gains are sticking; lats/back need work.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005 by  
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I’ve lost 2.2 pounds since yesterday, so I must have been losing fat but retaining some water. Normally I don’t retain that much water so long after my cheat meal, so that kind of threw me. Just when you think you know your body, it does something unexpected! 🙂

Yesterday’s workout was great! I sure don’t feel like I’m cutting when I’m in the weight room: I have plenty of energy and my lifts have been really solid. For example, yesterday I went up a couple of reps on dumbbell and barbell curls (same weight as last week), and I added one rep to each set of concentration curls.

I think my slow cut is paying off. I still have not lost any size in my arms or chest since the initial quarter inch (arms) and half inch (chest) drop after coming off creatine and reducing my calories. That was like a month ago, so it seems like most of the gains I made during my bulk are sticking. One thing I noticed is that I really need to work on my lats and overall width of my upper back. Next year when I bulk I’m going to make my back a top priority.

I’d better get moving: today is cardio + abs!

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