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Verbal agreement reached with major new sponsor; Fat is flying off!

Thursday, March 3, 2005 by  
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In yesterday’s update, I mentioned the possibility of a new JSF strength training equipment sponsor. I still can’t say too much, but I can tell you that yesterday a verbal agreement was reached! The contracts are being drawn up for review on both sides. Once the deal is in ink, then the equipment will need to be thoroughly evaluated by me before the deal is considered finalized. I’ve done my homework, and this equipment is very highly reviewed so I think there’s very little chance that I’m not going to fall in love with it. I’d say there’s a 95% chance that the deal will go through. Once the deal is done, I’ll announce it. Sometime after the announcement, you can expect a detailed video review that I’ll produce and edit myself: I’ll take everyone through the equipment in comprehensive detail, and provide my thoughts, both good and bad. In addition to the video, I’ll be giving my home gym page a complete overhaul with plenty of pictures and a written review. There will be special discounts on the equipment for JSF members, and I’m personally going to kick in a few extras on top of the discounts. As I said yesterday, this is not a cheap piece of equipment, but it’s about as close to having a commercial gym in your own home as you can get. Those of you who are serious about investing in a top quality home gym are going to be very happy with this new sponsor. Stay tuned!

I seem to have overcome the little plateau I was in. The fat is really flying off now. Cutting back on my carbs seems to have helped a lot. I’m down to 197.6 pounds, which is the lightest I’ve been since December 1, 2004. I’m pretty much right on the edge of 10% body fat, but I’ll wait until I do my measurements this weekend to kick it down. It’s cool looking in the mirror and seeing muscle! I didn’t realize it at the time, but my body in the pre-bulk pictures looks a bit like a skinny little boy. This summer’s going to be great, but I gotta say, I’m already looking forward to my next bulk.

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