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Moved workout time; Signed deal with new strength training equipment sponsor.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005 by  
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Yesterday I decided to try doing my weight training workout just before lunch instead of first thing in the morning. It worked out pretty well, but I can’t say I felt any stronger or more energetic than normal. I managed a few extra dumbbell and concentration curls, and I lost a rep on my barbell curls (as compared to last week.) It was a good workout, though – my biceps, back and forearms are killing me this morning! I think I’m going to continue doing my strength training workouts later in the day for a few more weeks and see how I like it.

Speaking of strength training, I’m happy to report that JSF and the new strength training equipment sponsor I eluded to last week signed a deal yesterday! Of course the deal won’t be complete until I get the actual equipment in my gym and evaluate it for myself. As you probably know, I refuse to promote or endorse products that I don’t personally use, and I’m certainly not going to put my name behind anything sight unseen. This strict policy ensures that when you buy from one of our sponsors, you can do so with confidence. Based on the many positive reviews and the personal testimonials I’ve seen, I don’t think my liking the equipment will be an issue. What I can tell you right now is that the level of customer service I’ve received has been outstanding. It’s been a total pleasure working with this company every step of the way. Every single person I’ve worked with over the past few weeks has been friendly, fair, efficient, and totally honest. I never thought hashing out the details of a contract could be enjoyable, but it really was. Bottom line: you’re going to love dealing with this new sponsor! I expect to have the equipment in a few weeks, so look for an official announcement along with a very special deal just for JSF members later this month or early next month. I’ll also be doing a comprehensive video review once I’m 100% comfortable with the equipment and its many features.

I’m late getting started on my cardio, so I’d better get moving. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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