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Week-by-week cutting progress report.

Friday, March 11, 2005 by  
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I’m feeling pretty good about my current post-bulk cutting program. I finally seem to have settled into a “perfect” balance of calories, macronutrients and training. My fat loss has been pretty steady, and my strength/muscle size is staying constant. Here’s a week-by-week breakdown of my cutting program, starting January 1, 2005:

Week 1: -5.4 pounds (a lot of water weight there)
Week 2: -1.2 pounds
Week 3: -1.4 pounds
Week 4: -1.2 pounds
Week 5: +1.2 pounds (hey, it happens!)
Week 6: -2.4 pounds
Week 7: +1.0 pound
Week 8: -2.0 pounds
Week 9: -1.4 pounds
Week 10: -2.0 pounds
Week 11 (in progress): -1.2 pounds (so far)

My total weight loss since January 1, 2005 is 16 pounds. I have about another 7-10 pounds to go, which should take another couple months. It’s a long, slow cut but it’s worth it because I seem to be retaining most of the muscle I gained from my bulk.

I’m going to go jump on the elliptical and get to work. I’m going to try and bail out a little early today and get a jump on the weekend – I’ve got a lot of JSF work to do!

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