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JSF Gear Review.

Sunday, March 20, 2005 by  
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Okay, here’s what I ordered from the JSF store, and my initial impressions of each product. Overall I’m very happy with everything, and I expect that the products I did not order will be of a similar quality.

JSF Buttons & JSF Magnets: These are basically the same item: the button has a concave back with a integrated safety pin while the magnet has a flat back with a large magnet affixed to it. The front side on both are glossy and the printing is well-protected under the clear plastic. The logo is well-rendered, white on a blue background. The URL on the initial design was too small (my fault), so I redesigned it with a couple of larger URLs that circle the logo.

JSF License Plate Frame: This is a nice piece. It’s made from chromed steel, and the custom artwork is printed on what seems to be tough vinyl stickers (white lettering on black background). I tried picking at the edge of the sticker and it didn’t come up at all. I have it on my car and it looks great! I’m very happy with this one.

JSF Bumper Sticker: The print quality on the bumper sticker is excellent. The logo and the lettering are all printed clearly (white on blue) and look great. The finish is a semi-gloss. One member felt the sticker was a little “papery”, but I think it feels like any other bumper sticker I’ve touched. I’m sure others will chime in with their thoughts! Only time will tell how well they stand up to the elements.

JSF Large Mug: This is a great mug! It’s big and sturdy, and the printing seems to be of very high quality. The ink almost seems to be under the glaze – you can’t feel it if you run your hand over the surface. I tried to smear it by rubbing it under water at it didn’t mar at all. There are a couple of designs from which to choose (I added a new design this morning).

JSF Mouse Pad: Again, excellent printing job! The printing seems “built-in” to the mouse pad. It’s not raised up at all. The logo and lettering are in white on a blue background. I’m very happy with this piece.

JSF Golf Shirt: This is a typical pre-shrunk, 100% cotton golf shirt by Anvil. Good looking buttons. The logo and lettering are printed clearly. I ordered a large and it fits perfectly. The sleeves are tight around my arms, but not too tight.

JSF T-Shirt: This is a Hanes 100% cotton T-shirt. I was very happy with the quality of the screening. I have not ironed it, but another member ironed his and said it is totally iron-safe. I like that there is no itchy tag in the back – the care instructions and Hanes logo are printed directly on the inside of the shirt.

JSF Sleeveless T, JSF Baseball Jersey: These are both 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirts by Anvil. I got the “XL” size because I like my shirts big. They both fit me very well (a little large, as I intended) and the print quality/screening is consistent with everything else I bought.

JSF Thong, JSF Jr. Baby Doll T-shirt, JSF Jr. Spaghetti Tank, JSF Jr. Raglan: These are all 100% cotton, made in the USA by ClassicGirl. Lisa said everything fit perfectly. The print quality/screening is excellent on all items. Lisa wore the Jr. Raglan out yesterday, and one of her employees noticed the distinctive logo on the shirt right away and started asking her questions about it. Lisa’s employee said she wants a shirt, even though she has never heard of this site and doesn’t even workout – yet! Too cool!

I’ll be opening the store officially tomorrow, but I feel comfortable recommending the products if you want to start ordering now. Of course there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can order with confidence. The JSF GEAR link is on the left! Here are a few coupon codes to kick things off:

Save $4.00 on a $35+ purchase: SPRING35 (offer good until 3/31/2005).
Save $3.00 on a $30+ purchase: 3CPSALE (offer good until 3/29/2005).

Please post your thoughts/reviews in the Official JSF Gear Review and Discussion Thread.

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