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Weight loss from being sick.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005 by  
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Of course I was only able to eat small amounts of food while I was sick, and, as a result, I lost a few pounds. I doubt it was all adipose. Not good, but there’s nothing much I could do about it. I’ll live. I think the reason the weight loss didn’t show until today is because I was drinking a lot of Gatorade, which has a lot of sodium and causes water retention. Of course I didn’t take any supplements the whole time I was sick, so being off creatine probably contributed to the weight loss. I expect my weight to go up a few pounds as I return to my normal diet and begin to take creatine again.

I’m feeling much better this morning. Perhaps a little weak, but other than that I’m almost back to normal. I’ll probably wait until Thursday to resume my cardio workouts, and I may resume strength training as early as Saturday or Sunday depending on how I feel. I don’t want to push it too fast and get sick again!

I’m off to work now, have a great day!

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