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…and even more weight loss from the flu.

Thursday, April 7, 2005 by  
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I guess I spoke too soon yesterday about the amount of weight I lost while sick. This morning I’m down another two pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 6 pounds in like 5 days. Being so sick sure took its toll on me. Hopefully now that I’m back on creatine and eating my normal, healthy diet my weight will go up a little bit. I’m afraid to measure my arms and chest. I’ll wait until Monday to do that.

Just two more days and I’ll be enjoying a much needed and well-deserved 9 days off from everything! Tomorrow will be my last update to this site until Monday, April 18th. I’ll continue to track my weight, but I won’t be tracking my food intake. I plan to stick to my cutting diet, with an extra cheat meal or two thrown in for good measure. I think the extra food will do me good right now.

Cardio time!

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