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What I did on my Spring vacation, by John Stone.

Monday, April 18, 2005 by  
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Hello, it’s great to be back! Lisa and I had a wonderful 10-day break from our normal routines. We spent most of the time working around the house, and we made a tremendous amount of progress. We bought our house in 1994, and it was long overdue for a major fixing up. On the inside of the house we cleaned everything, and rearranged and organized the kitchen, bedroom and dining room. We’re also having the linoleum in the kitchen, laundry room and entryway replaced with some very nice tile. There’s still more work to be done (the tile work, some minor painting and a bit of drywall repair), but the “worst” is behind us. On the outside of the house, we now have an automatic 6-zone irrigation system installed. 100% coverage of the entire front and back yard and all the flower beds. The irrigation system was installed because we’re re-landscaping and putting in new sod (front and back). Except for a couple of large trees (which were trimmed), all the current landscaping has been completely removed, chopped up and hauled away. The driveway, sidewalks and patio have been pressure washed and they look sparkling new – just like the day we moved in. The house was also pressure washed because the painters will be here today to re-paint the house. I also washed and waxed our cars. 🙂

I have to admit, I skipped most of my workouts. I weight trained, but didn’t do any cardio at all. I think all the exercise I was getting outside was a nice change from the elliptical. For the most part my diet was not bad, but I did have “cheat” meals for dinner on most nights, and I ate some snacks like ice cream and buttered popcorn. I gained about 5 pounds, but I suspect most of that is water weight and will disappear quickly. My waist size didn’t change at all.

I’d better get started on my cardio. Have a wonderful day!

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