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Weekend projects.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 by  
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Ah, Saturday at last! Another big project weekend is in store for me. This morning I’m going to take care of some patching and painting before my pecs/delts/triceps workout. After my workout and meal, Lisa and I are going to pick out the tile for the kitchen, laundry room and entry. The tile is going to take about 2 days to install, and then no one can walk on it for 24 hours. Not having access to the kitchen is going to present a bit of an inconvenience! Thankfully we have a spare fridge/freezer in the garage, and I can store some dry food in my office. I’m going to have to cook all our hot meals on the grill during this time. Actually, that won’t be such a big deal because I got pretty good at grilling eggs and whatnot last summer while we were without power during two of the hurricanes.

The exterior house painting is almost complete. It’s taking a little longer than I expected, but I’m very pleased with how everything is turning out. For those who are interested, I’ll have before/after pictures of everything (inside and outside) once the projects are all completed. We’re probably looking at another month at least. We have not done any major fixing up around here since we had the house built in 1994, so these projects are long overdue!

I’m off to spackle and lift weights. Have a great day!

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