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Signing off for a couple of weeks – vacation time!

Yesterday’s (5/30/2005) workout went great! My shoulder felt good the whole time, and it feels very good right now. Because I was unable to workout for the past month, I did lose some strength and a little size, but I can live with that – I’m just glad my shoulder is OK again. I put a few new pictures up in my Picture Gallery and Video Archive thread on the forum. I also got my… [Read more]

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Home renovation pictures are up; First workout on Titan!

I have the house renovation web site done! You can check it out here: www.twowiresthin.com/r2005/. The only part that is not complete is the back yard photos. The landscaping in the back goes in on Tuesday, so check back on Wednesday for those pictures. Today is my first strength training workout in a month. My shoulder is still feeling good, but I’m going to be careful and not go too heavy just yet. I’m very… [Read more]

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Sod is in – sample before/after comparison.

The sod is done and it looks incredible! I couldn’t stand standing around watching the sod crew work, so I jumped in and helped. It’s not difficult work, but it is physically demanding. I have a ton of before/after photos that I’ll be sharing when I put up my house renovation web page, but here’s a “teaser” before and after comparison: I’ll be taking some more “after” shots once everything starts blooming. The difference should… [Read more]

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Sod; AK-47; Cookout.

Our home improvement projects are finally nearing completion! Today the sod goes down, and on Tuesday the backyard landscaping will be completed. Aside from that stuff, I still need to pour some concrete, pick out and install a new front door and get an electrician to install my 10-circuit transfer switch for the generator (I know better than to try this myself). Over the past few weeks, the owner of the company that is putting… [Read more]

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Happy Friday!

I’m dealing with a flaky router this morning, so I don’t have any time to write. Happy Friday!

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Titan Journal update.

I’ve updated my Titan Photo Journal with some very exciting news about the Titan documentation. If you are at all interested in the Titan, you’ll want to give my latest post a read, as it addresses my biggest concern with the Titan. I’m running about 30 minutes behind, so I’d better get on the elliptical. Have a wonderful day!

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Landscape talk.

The front landscaping went in yesterday as scheduled, and they did an absolutely AMAZING job. Of course, like all new landscapes, it will require a year or two to “grow in”, but many of the plants we used are already quite large. A lot of people have emailed me asking what kinds of plants and flowers we are using. In the front yard we have a very large Crepe Myrtle, several Yellow Holly, some India… [Read more]

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Front landscaping goes in today; House projects almost done!

Today’s a big day – the front yard landscaping finally goes in! Lisa and I are very excited. This Saturday the sod goes down, and next Tuesday the backyard landscaping goes in. After that, we’re going to be pretty much done with the house projects (unless we decide to replace the carpet, which I’m on the fence about). It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s also been a lot of fun and a… [Read more]

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Diet – taking the easy way out; Titan; Shoulder.

My diet has been less than perfect the past month or so, especially for a cutting diet. With everything that’s been going on around here lately my schedule has been completely upside down. This unpredictable schedule has thrown a wrench into my daily routine, and It’s been very difficult to eat properly all the time. Notice I said “difficult”, not “impossible” – I don’t make excuses. What I’ve done is I’ve allowed myself to make… [Read more]

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I will be proudly endorsing the Titan and Fitcore.

I was in the weight room messing around with the Titan and kept thinking, “what am I forgetting to do this morning…” Thankfully it dawned on me before my self-imposed 9:00 AM deadline, and I stopped playing long enough to update the JSF web site. 🙂 The Titan is capable of just about everything I’d hoped for, and then some. I absolutely love it so far. Is it a perfect machine? No, of course it’s… [Read more]

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