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Shoulder plans.

Sunday, May 15, 2005 by  
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Now that my ankle seems mostly healed up, I’m turning my attention to a much more troubling issue: my bad shoulder. Unfortunately the pain is persisting and I fear that I may wind up unable to lift weights for an extended period of time. As I mentioned in an earlier update, I’m going to rest my shoulder until the end of the month (which is going to be really difficult because my Titan will be here in a couple of days). If I’m still not able to lift at the beginning of June, I’m going to my doctor and will insist that I have the surgery. I’ve done everything they’ve asked of me, and although those things have helped it’s clear that the underlying problem is not solved. Hopefully after the surgery I can get back to heavy lifting within a few months and have a worry-free bulk this fall!

I’m off to take care of some chores and catch a movie. Have a great day!

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