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I will be proudly endorsing the Titan and Fitcore.

Sunday, May 22, 2005 by  
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I was in the weight room messing around with the Titan and kept thinking, “what am I forgetting to do this morning…” Thankfully it dawned on me before my self-imposed 9:00 AM deadline, and I stopped playing long enough to update the JSF web site. 🙂

The Titan is capable of just about everything I’d hoped for, and then some. I absolutely love it so far. Is it a perfect machine? No, of course it’s not. I’ve been having long, detailed conversions on almost a daily basis with the owner of Fitcore Technologies, providing him with feedback and suggestions. Thankfully most of the areas I’ve identified as needing improvement are not major. In fact, most of my suggestions have centered around the lack of written exercise documentation. The online materials are excellent, but I feel there should be more documentation included in written form. I’m very impressed with Fitcore’s business ethic and willingness to listen and improve. I feel that Fitcore is a truly remarkable company: they take ALL customer comments very, very seriously. I’m proud to have my name alongside of theirs. So, it’s official: I will wholeheartedly endorse Fitcore and their Titan. Look for my full written review in about a month (I need time to learn the machine inside and out), and my video review later this summer. In the meantime, I’ll continue to post my thoughts in the Titan Photo Journal.

Have a great Sunday!

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