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Diet – taking the easy way out; Titan; Shoulder.

Monday, May 23, 2005 by  
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My diet has been less than perfect the past month or so, especially for a cutting diet. With everything that’s been going on around here lately my schedule has been completely upside down. This unpredictable schedule has thrown a wrench into my daily routine, and It’s been very difficult to eat properly all the time. Notice I said “difficult”, not “impossible” – I don’t make excuses. What I’ve done is I’ve allowed myself to make the easy food choice a lot of the time. I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed with myself. Rather that dwell on the negative, I did some thinking and made the decision to do a better job of planning. I want to eat the healthy foods I desire, and not continue to fall back on convenience meals like pizza.

In case you missed the news over the weekend, I’ve decided to endorse Fitcore and the Titan! Check my Titan Photo Journal for all the details and more photos.

My right shoulder is still feeling great! I’m so happy that it seems to be recovering. I’m going to resume weight training this Sunday, and I can’t wait!

Well, it’s time for my cardio workout. Have a fantastic day!

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