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Sod is in – sample before/after comparison.

Sunday, May 29, 2005 by  
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The sod is done and it looks incredible! I couldn’t stand standing around watching the sod crew work, so I jumped in and helped. It’s not difficult work, but it is physically demanding. I have a ton of before/after photos that I’ll be sharing when I put up my house renovation web page, but here’s a “teaser” before and after comparison:

Front Yard - Before

Front Yard - Before

Front Yard - After

Front Yard - After

I’ll be taking some more “after” shots once everything starts blooming. The difference should be even more striking!

I’m going to relax today. The pace has been pretty relentless lately, and I’m looking forward to a day with my feet up in the air and nothing to do. Enjoy your Sunday!

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