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Getting back on track and loving it!

Friday, June 17, 2005 by  
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It felt great to get back to my workouts and normal diet yesterday! My cardio workout provided me with a natural rush that lasted the entire day. I spent most of the day putting out fires at work and not much time getting caught up, but I was in such a good mood that it didn’t really bother me.

I’m going to skip my cheat meal tonight – I think I’ve had quite enough of those this month! I was looking at myself in the mirror last night and I’m looking pretty soft in the middle. I’ve got some cutting to do…

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s weight training workout a great deal. It’s really cool to have so many exercises from which to choose. It sure keeps things interesting. I can’t see myself getting ever getting bored on the Titan. I’m need some more time to take it all in, but expect my written review of the Titan in about a month.

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