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Hardware upgrades, expect downtime today.

I’ll be installing some hardware upgrades to the JSF servers today, including new, larger hard drives. There should be no data loss, but there will downtime. I’ll update this announcement once the upgrades have been completed. UPDATE: I’m afraid there were some issues with the hardware upgrades. I’m sorry for the extended downtime. Bottom line: the new hard drives are not installed. I’m going to re-schedule the hard drive installation for next weekend, probably Saturday…. [Read more]

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Going to lift today; New lifting music – free sample songs!

Lately I’ve been doing my pecs/delts/triceps workout on Sunday, but this morning I woke up just itching to lift. I’m going to move my cardio to Sunday and lift weights today. I have some great new lifting music: I picked up a couple more Hatebreed CDs, two more Fear Factory CDs, and a Shadows Fall CD. The Shadows Fall CD came with a sampler CD with tunes from God Forbid, The Haunted, Diecast, Heaven Shall… [Read more]

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A commitment: 8% body fat or less by this time next month.

I’m in the fatloss zone right now! I feel like I did during my initial weight loss: totally dedicated and absolutely, 100% unstoppable. Looking at my “2005 Cutting Phase” chart is very telling. I should have called everything after the first three months “maintenance mode”, because that’s exactly what it was: essentially I made no weight loss progress for over three months. BTW, that huge drop in weight right before my first vacation was due… [Read more]

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I like the new bike; No pizza; Beer, music & strippers.

I took the new stationary bike on its inaugural “ride” yesterday. Not bad, not bad at all – especially considering the sub-$300 price. I did HIIT cardio on it, and it was smooth and quiet. I do have a couple of minor gripes. First, the rubber foot straps don’t seem very durable. I don’t think the straps are going to last very long, but who knows? Maybe they are stronger than they look. Also, the… [Read more]

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More progress; New bike; Titan Photo Journal update.

I have a lot of updates today. First off, HIIT is really doing the trick for me. I guess my body just responds well to it. I’m below 190 pounds this morning, and my muscles have not lost even the tiniest bit of size. I’m feeling very encouraged right now. That was one heck of a plateau I was in. I think my body needed a shock. The new recumbent exercise bike I bought last… [Read more]

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New to the forums? Please read this.

The forums sure have grown a lot over the past year. There has been a massive influx of new members, many of whom are extremely passionate about improving their health and personal appearance. I admire the newfound passion and desire many of these new users have for fitness; nurturing that desire is a big reason the forums exist. I’ve noticed that quite a few new users are posting prolifically, and perhaps analyzing things a bit… [Read more]

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Good progress this past week.

After a long plateau, I finally made some progress this week. I lost 1.8 pounds of fat and a 1/4 inch off my waist. No loss in muscle size. I’m feeling encouraged by this small bit of progress, and will definitely continue doing HIIT. I hope to see similar results this week. I know many of you are busy with other activities and don’t have time to read the site over the weekend. Now that… [Read more]

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Pulled a muscle in my lower back.

I must have pulled a muscle in my lower back lifting on Thursday. It was hurting pretty bad all day yesterday. I put some heat on it and Lisa gave me a nice massage. Thankfully today it’s much improved, but still tender. I don’t think it’s going to affect today’s workout at all. It’s mostly bending that hurts. I’m sure it’s just a strained muscle, so nothing to worry about. I’ve got to be more… [Read more]

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HIIT results look promising; Paralyzed by info? Read this.

I am really glad I switched back to HIIT cardio: I’m already seeing results after just 5 days: my energy levels are elevated, I have not lost any muscle size at all so far (I measured this morning) and I love finishing my workout covered in sweat and exhausted (I’d barely break a sweat when I was doing 50-minutes of aerobic-level cardio, and when I finished I sure didn’t feel like I’d done much of… [Read more]

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“Happy Friday!”

I can’t think of anything to write about this morning, probably because I’ve got such a busy day ahead and my mind is focused on work. I’m going to just say “Happy Friday!” and go work out. Have a great day!

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