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Monthly pictures: setback and commentary.

Friday, July 1, 2005 by  
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Not surprisingly, today’s pictures are a step backwards from my last set of pictures (May 1, 2005). I’ve definitely lost some muscle size, and I’ve added a little fat to my trouble area just below my belly button. Looking through the last couple of months of my food and workout logs, it’s easy to see why: my shoulder was bothering me in May and I was unable to do any lifting that month; I missed a couple weeks of cardio because of my ankle injury; in June I chose to take two weeks off from all training while I was on vacation; I ate like a pig while on vacation and my diet in general has been a bit permissive. Like I said in an update a few weeks ago, at this point I no longer feel the need to be “perfect” with my diet and training 365 days a year. Hey, I’m human, too! I don’t regret the choices I’ve made. Having said that, there’s a time and place for dedication and consistency and now is that time! This month is going to be a great month. I’m going to eat clean, train hard and reach my goal of 8% body fat. Once I do, I’m going to launch straight into my bulk and gain the muscle I’ve lost back, and then some.

We all have setbacks at some point, and some people give up after a setback. That’s not how we do things here at JSF.

I’m off to burn some fat. Have a great day!

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