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All about my trip to Home Depot.

Sunday, July 3, 2005 by  
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Yesterday I went to Home Depot as planned, and spent way more money than I’d planned. I swear, I’m dangerous in that place. I purchased a Toro Personal Pace Electric Start mower, an Echo 21.2cc Straight Shaft Trimmer and a Genie 1/2 HP Worm-Drive “Excelerator” Garage Door Opener.

The mower is awesome! My old mower (A Craftsman) was pretty good, but it only adjusted to a maximum of 3.5 inches high. My new turf is so thick that it needs a mower with a lot of height. The Toro can be set up to 4.25 inches high and did a great job. The electric start and variable speed propulsion are really nice features, too. The coolest thing happened yesterday. I was trying to load the mower into Lisa’s car, but it just barely wouldn’t fit. A really nice guy in his mid-50s was walking by and said, “hey, that’s not going to go. I have a truck, where do you live?” We loaded the mower into his truck and he followed me back to my place and helped me get it into the garage. You’d never know it from watching the evening news, but there are a lot of wonderful people out there. I’m inspired. I’m going to make a point of helping out the next time I see someone in need of assistance.

I used to have an electric edger and string trimmer, but the edger just wasn’t powerful or tall enough to handle my new turf, so a few weeks ago I bought an Echo 21.2cc Stick Edger. That thing is amazing! It handles thick grass with no problem and makes a perfect edge with just one pass. I was so happy with it that I decided to buy an Echo string trimmer yesterday. No more tripping over the power cords!

Unfortunately there’s a problem with the garage door opener. I’ve got to take it down and get it exchanged. That’s not going to be fun, as it wasn’t exactly an easy installation. It worked a couple of times, and man is it FAST. The door just rockets up! I think once I get the replacement installed it’s going to be excellent.

I’d better save some energy: I’ve got a big workout today, and then we’re having a cookout. It’s going to be a fun day. See ya tomorrow!

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