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Cutting plateau – time for change.

Friday, July 15, 2005 by  
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My cutting progress is stalled. Despite a clean diet and no missed workouts, I’m in a plateau. I’m going to change some things around with my diet and cardio. I’m going to buy a stationary bike to augment my elliptical, and I’ll probably drop a few calories and switch some of my foods around. I may start doing some HIIT again as well. As I get closer to 8%, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to give up my weekly cheat meal for a while. That’s okay – I’ll be able to eat plenty once I start my bulk this fall. I don’t want to start my bulk until I reach my goal of 8% body fat, so I’m probably going to wait until September to start bulking.

I’ve got a crazy day at work ahead, so I’m going to go get my workout done and get to it. Happy Friday everyone!

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