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HIIT results look promising; Paralyzed by info? Read this.

Saturday, July 23, 2005 by  
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I am really glad I switched back to HIIT cardio: I’m already seeing results after just 5 days: my energy levels are elevated, I have not lost any muscle size at all so far (I measured this morning) and I love finishing my workout covered in sweat and exhausted (I’d barely break a sweat when I was doing 50-minutes of aerobic-level cardio, and when I finished I sure didn’t feel like I’d done much of anything.) Something else I’ve noticed is that I lost some cardiovascular ability doing nothing but LISS cardio all those months. I have multiple reasons for working out: sure, I want big, strong muscles, but it’s equally important that I’m at the top of my game in other areas – areas such as cardio vascular fitness. This past week has helped to remind me of that. I’ve felt great all week, and the only thing that’s changed has been my cardio. My advice: don’t listen to the debates. Try LISS for a couple of months. Try HIIT for a couple of months. Try alternating both methods for a while. See what YOU like best. See what works best for YOU.

Some people email me and I get the impression that they think I’m some kind of fitness guru. Nothing could be further from the truth! I’ve never positioned myself as an expert in the field of fitness. I’m just an average guy who did some research, got started and continued with a lot of heart and dedication. Most importantly, I’ve never been afraid to experiment to determine what works best for ME – even if that meant going against the advice of so-called “experts”. I encourage everyone who visits this web site to adopt the same attitude. Developing your body and improving your health is NOT an exact science. It’s not even difficult! What it does require is time, perseverance and fluidity.

I hope some of you who are frozen like a deer in headlights by the sheer amount of information out there will find this post helpful.

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