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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 by  
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The forums sure have grown a lot over the past year. There has been a massive influx of new members, many of whom are extremely passionate about improving their health and personal appearance. I admire the newfound passion and desire many of these new users have for fitness; nurturing that desire is a big reason the forums exist. I’ve noticed that quite a few new users are posting prolifically, and perhaps analyzing things a bit too much. I understand that many of you have questions, but many of the questions I’m seeing have already been asked and answered – often dozens of times. There is a lot of information on JSF and on the Internet. Please take some time to do some research – use the search feature! Posting dozens of threads with basic questions is counter-productive and, frankly, annoying. Also, please use descriptive thread titles! Thread titles like, “Question?!?!?!” are totally pointless.

Please don’t misunderstand: I’m not trying to discourage newbies from posting. I’m just trying to cut down on some of the redundant posts by encouraging members to do a little research before asking a question. Thanks!

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