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Going to lift today; New lifting music – free sample songs!

Saturday, July 30, 2005 by  
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Lately I’ve been doing my pecs/delts/triceps workout on Sunday, but this morning I woke up just itching to lift. I’m going to move my cardio to Sunday and lift weights today. I have some great new lifting music: I picked up a couple more Hatebreed CDs, two more Fear Factory CDs, and a Shadows Fall CD. The Shadows Fall CD came with a sampler CD with tunes from God Forbid, The Haunted, Diecast, Heaven Shall Burn and Stampin Ground. Because it was a free sampler CD, I don’t think there’s any problem with providing the songs here, so click the links to check the sample tunes out. Most of it is excellent lifting music – fast, loud and aggressive. Some of it doesn’t do much for me even after a few listens, but a few of the tunes have really grown on me. If you like any of the artists, support them by picking up their CD. I know I’ll be picking up a few. Of course if you consider songs by Bruce Springsteen and Sting to be intense lifting music then you should probably stay away. In other words, YMMV.

I’m going to go get some food in me and get ready to lift. Lisa’s still away on business, so I’ve got the stereo BLASTING. If any of my neighbors are reading this – sorry!

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