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SGX progress report; Last day of AtLarge Nutrition sale.

I’m doing very well with my SGX program so far: I’ve not missed a single workout or meal, and I’ve not deviated in any way from my custom diet. I’m eating cleaner than I ever have in my life right now – I’ve eliminated ALL processed foods from my diet. I was surprised to see that I’m (presumably) holding some water this morning (up to 190.4 pounds). I know my body pretty well, and that’s… [Read more]

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Don’t feel like doing cardio this morning (too bad!)

I REALLY don’t feel like doing my cardio this morning. I’m running late this morning, I’ve been trying to shake a cold off for the past few days and I have a very long day of work ahead of me. It would be easy for me to skip my workout, but I’d regret it. I’m going to go lace up and get it done. I can whine all I want, as long as I do… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout; SGX two-week progress report.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I took yesterday off from the whole world; I needed a day away from everything and a little “me” time. I was starting to feel a little under the weather on Saturday. I got a good night’s sleep and by Sunday morning I was feeling a little bit better, but I decided to take it easy yesterday. Of course I didn’t skip my delts and arms workout! Even… [Read more]

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Not much to say today.

I don’t feel like writing this morning, so I’ll just say have a great Sunday!

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Post-cheat meal body backlash; Leg day.

I feel really groggy this morning. Last night I had pizza and wine for my cheat meal, and my body is screaming “no!” at me this morning. I love pizza, but I always hate how I feel the day after I eat it. Right now I feel bloated and “phlegmy”, and I have a slight headache. Next week it’s going to be BBQ or cheeseburgers. Yeah, yeah. I know I always say that, lol. Tonight… [Read more]

Added Saturday, August 27, 2005 by

Pain doing crunches.

I had a fantastic workout last night! My chest is already a little sore this morning, and it’s only been about 12 hours. One thing that concerns me: I was working my abs, and I experienced a bit of sharp pain in the area where my hernia repair is located. I was breathing correctly, but the pain was pretty consistent. It feels fine now, and I don’t see anything unusual visually. I hope the repair… [Read more]

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Motivation: Part II

Yesterday I started talking about motivation, but I ran out of time and had to go do my cardio. While updating this web site is an important part of my life, I won’t allow myself to miss workouts. How do I stay that motivated? Actually, on most days, I want to work out. Sure, there are days I don’t feel like hitting the gym, but those days are really not that tough to deal with…. [Read more]

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Back/traps day; Motivation: Part I.

Cool, four of the next five days are weight training days (every day is a cardio day on SGX). I love weight training days because A)I get to lift weights (duh) and B)I get to eat more food. Today is back and traps day. I’m going to switch things up a little from last week. This week I think I’m going to do wide-grip pull-ups, deadlifts, low cable rows and 4 or 5 sets of… [Read more]

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Running late.

Wow, I’m running VERY late this morning. I’m not sure how, because I woke up at the regular time. I’ve got to be on the bike within the next 5 minutes or I won’t be able to complete my workout before work. Sorry for the brief update!

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Arm workout; New pictures; 1st week of SGX progress report.

Yesterday night I performed my first SGX bicep/tricep/delt workout. I felt great in the gym, and had tons of energy even though I did 45 minutes of cardio and then worked out in the yard for 3 hours earlier in the day. That’s the first time I’ve worked my biceps, triceps and shoulders on the same day. I had quite a pump going in my arms, and my vascularity was better than I’ve seen it… [Read more]

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