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SGX progress update.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 by  
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My SGX progress is going very well so far! The first two days were cardio only, and fairly low carb. The low carb days were a bit of a challenge, but I’ve been handling it just fine. Thankfully I’ve never felt hungry – I’m actually eating more food on SGX than I was on my old cutting diet! Four of the next five days are cardio/weight training days, and the remaining day is my cheat meal so I’ll be getting plenty of carbs for the rest of the week. I’ve lost over 3 pounds (presumably mostly water) since Monday, and right now I’m feeling very lean and tight. I have a feeling I’m going to do very, very well on SGX. I’ll keep everyone posted!

Time for my cardio – 23 minutes of HIIT. Just kidding, coach! I’m following your plan to the letter! 🙂

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