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DOMS; John Stone: The Metal Years pictorial.

Friday, August 19, 2005 by  
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The DOMS in my back, lats and traps are in full force this morning – that was quite a workout Wednesday! Yesterday evening I worked my chest and abs, and I had another very intense and productive workout. My chest feels tight this morning, and my abs are already a little sore. By this time tomorrow I’m going to be hurting! I wish I’d tried working out in the evenings before now. Even though I’m cutting, it’s amazing how strong I feel now that I’m working out at night.

I added a ton of old pictures to my Picture Archive thread. If you want to see how I looked from about eleven years old through my early 20s (“the metal years”), now’s your chance. Lisa even let me put a picture of her up in all her big hair glory! Even though the pictures are pretty embarrassing, I look at them and feel happy and a little nostalgic; It was a great time in my life! The old pictures start on page 50, and continue on page 51. Rock on!

Cardio time. Happy Friday – have a great day!

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