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Back/traps day; Motivation: Part I.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 by  
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Cool, four of the next five days are weight training days (every day is a cardio day on SGX). I love weight training days because A)I get to lift weights (duh) and B)I get to eat more food. Today is back and traps day. I’m going to switch things up a little from last week. This week I think I’m going to do wide-grip pull-ups, deadlifts, low cable rows and 4 or 5 sets of burnout smith machine shrugs.

A lot of people have trouble with motivation. Most people can muster enough motivation to start a fitness program, but few can sustain it for more than a couple of weeks. One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is “How do you stay so motivated!” I can’t provide a magic bullet that will keep you fired up indefinitely, all I can do is tell you what works for me. Unfortunately I’m out of time this morning! I have to go do my cardio right now or I’ll miss it. I’ll finish this up tomorrow. In the meantime, get off your butt and go work out! 😉

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