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Post-cheat meal body backlash; Leg day.

Saturday, August 27, 2005 by  
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I feel really groggy this morning. Last night I had pizza and wine for my cheat meal, and my body is screaming “no!” at me this morning. I love pizza, but I always hate how I feel the day after I eat it. Right now I feel bloated and “phlegmy”, and I have a slight headache. Next week it’s going to be BBQ or cheeseburgers. Yeah, yeah. I know I always say that, lol.

Tonight is my leg workout and I can’t wait! I thought my legs would still be sore from last Saturday’s workout, but AtLarge’s ETS supplement really helps reduce the amount of time I’m sore. Don’t forget, they are running a 10% off sale through the end of August, so now’s an excellent time to try some of their many fine products!

I’m off to do my cardio. Have a great Saturday!

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