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No cheat meal tonight; Couple new photos; Last day for logo entries!

It’s Friday, but no cheat meal for me for tonight. I had my cheat meal for the week on Tuesday night because tomorrow morning I’ll be taking my monthly photos. I don’t want this month’s progress to be hidden under a bunch of water! I took a couple “preview” photos last night after my workout. The first picture is pretty good, but wh0areume called me out for “accidentally” covering my trouble area. So I posted… [Read more]

Added Friday, September 30, 2005 by

Heavy bag installed – pictures!

I got the new heavy bag attachment (option “HPB”) for the Titan installed yesterday! I ran up to Play It Again Sports and picked up an 80-pound Everlast heavy bag, a pair of Everlast weighted training gloves and some hand-wrap. Here are some pictures of the bag installed on the Titan. After my back workout last night, I decided to forgo my normal post-workout pictures. Instead, I put the boxing gloves on and got a… [Read more]

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SGX progress report.

I had a very nice day off yesterday. I worked outside for a bit, then watched a couple of DVDs. I also decided to have my weekly “cheat” meal last night: pork barbeque! I didn’t want to have this week’s cheat meal on Friday night because on Saturday morning I’ll be taking my monthly pictures. I don’t want to take the pictures while I’m artificially bloated with water: I’ve worked hard this month and have… [Read more]

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Taking the day off; Logo contest is a go!

Things got a little crazy at work yesterday, so I didn’t get to take the afternoon off as I’d hoped. Thankfully I’m pretty much caught up now, so I’m taking the whole day off today (network gods willing, of course!) Where’s my “happy dance” animated GIF? I’ve received quite a few excellent logos over the past few days, so the logo contest is a definite “go!” Don’t forget, the deadline for entries is midnight (EDT)… [Read more]

Added Tuesday, September 27, 2005 by

Yesterday’s workout; Today’s plans.

I felt pretty good after my cardio yesterday, so Lisa and I went outside and worked in the yard until about 11:30 AM. The gardens were more than ready for their fall weeding & trimming, and that’s what we did. We got the front yard done, but the back yard is going to have to wait until next weekend. After the yard work, I made steak on the grill and watched a couple of movies… [Read more]

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The day after.

I think I’ve pretty much recovered from the 24 hour network outage. I had my cheat meal last night (pizza, buffalo wings and wine), watched some exciting MMA action on HDNet and got a great night’s sleep. I’m feeling bloated and groggy this morning, but I don’t care. I’m just glad the network is solid again. Tomorrow I’ll be piecing together my notes of everything that happened and assembling a post-mortem document. Those who valued… [Read more]

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Major network outage.

JSF and the JSF Forums have been affected over the past 24 hours by a network outage on Progress Telecom’s network. The main site and the forums were not reachable from 2:10 PM EDT on Friday, September 23, 2005 until approximately 1:55 PM EDT on Saturday, September 24, 2005. It’s been a very tough 24 hours as I’ve worked with other network engineers from Progress Telecom and Time Warner Telecom to find and correct the… [Read more]

Added Saturday, September 24, 2005 by

10 Fat Mistakes.

Trying to lose fat? 10 Fat Mistakes. Check it out – you’ll be glad you did! I’m running SOOO late this morning. I had some issues with work that I had to take care of, and now I have exactly 45 minutes to complete my cardio. Happy Friday!

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Important Logo contest update.

Important Logo Contest Update! The deadline for logo entries is just one week from tomorrow – September 30, 2005. So far we’ve only received a very small handful of entries. Hopefully there will be many more entries as the deadline draws closer, but as it stands now there are not nearly enough entries to hold the contest. Unless we receive a substantially higher count of logos by next Friday’s deadline, I’m afraid the contest will… [Read more]

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Quick update.

Sorry, no time to write this morning! I’m running very late and I don’t want to miss my cardio workout. Also, tonight is back and traps day! I’ll get some new pictures after my workout if I have enough energy left to take them. Until then, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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