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More on hurricane; Back workout; Chest workout; New pictures.

Friday, September 2, 2005 by  
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Many of us have a three-day weekend coming up. I will probably have to work at least part of the time, but even the prospect of an extra day off is always nice! While most of us are enjoying our holiday weekend, there are countless hurricane victims who will be spending their weekend in anguish. Instead of cookouts and drinks, they’ll be dealing with the loss of their loved ones, their pets, their homes, their livelihoods and their communities. Some people will still be literally fighting to survive. Please take some time to do what you can for the victims of Katrina. There’s an ongoing thread on the forums, and you’ll find information there on how you can donate to the relief efforts. I know this is an emotionally-charged topic, but this is not the time for finger-pointing. Right now we need to do one thing: pull together and help our fellow man.

My back workout on Wednesday night was probably the best back workout of my life. After taking a new picture of my back, I realized just how badly it is lagging behind. That point was really driven home when “j.simon” posted a picture of my back next to Skip “Abdominator” Podar’s back. I realize that Skip’s been training a lot longer than I have (and he also competes), but I’ve always aspired to his physique. In fact, Skip was one of my very first inspirations back in 2003 when I started working out. That tradition continued on Wednesday: I printed out the photo of Skip’s back and taped it to the wall in my gym. It got me through some pretty difficult deadlift sets. Thanks again, Skip!

So last night was chest and abs. Another excellent workout! Honestly I feel like I’m on a slow bulk. I’m gaining muscle right now, no question about it. I put a few new pictures up on the forum. The first shot really shows the problem area just below my belly button that I’m working so hard to get rid of. Other than that one area, I’m pretty cut up right now!

I’ve rambled on enough for this morning. Cardio time. Happy Friday!

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