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Thinking about starting my bulk.

Sunday, September 4, 2005 by  
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As most of you know, right now I’m cutting using Chris Janusz’s SwoleGenix (SGX) fatloss program. I’ve been on the program for 21 days and, as expected, I have lost some body fat. What’s really surprised me is that I’ve definitely gained muscle: My arms are up a solid quarter of an inch since I started SGX, and I’ve also added almost a quarter of an inch to my chest. I was simply hoping to maintain my existing muscle while on SGX, so actually adding muscle is beyond anything I expected. I’m essentially at the same weight today as I was when I started, but I’ve lost fat. My fatloss seems to have slowed this past week, though, so an adjustment might be in order. Which brings me to…

… last night’s workout. Last night’s workout was excellent. In fact, I’ve felt so good in the gym lately that it’s a little freaky. I attribute this to the SGX diet, and the fact that I’m now working out at night. Last night as I lifted I kept thinking to myself, “Man, it’s September – why are you cutting?!” It seems like my body is aching to grow right now – I’m putting on muscle on a CUTTING program for crying out loud! Part of me wants to stay the course, but part of me wants to abandon SGX (for now) and start SwoleCat’s SwoledUp (SUP2) bulking program. I could bulk for a few months, and then start cutting around February using SGX. By April or May, I’d be totally shredded and even more muscular. Spring starts early here in Florida, and I want to be cut up by then. I don’t know, I’m still giving it some thought. Coach, what do you think?

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