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Last night’s back workout; Intensity and commitment.

Thursday, September 8, 2005 by  
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Last night was my back and traps workout. As you may recall from my September 2, 2005 Daily News Update, I’m not at all satisfied with my back, lats and traps. I’ve committed to focusing on those areas, especially during my next bulk. I’m currently cutting, but I still seem to be putting on muscle. It’s no wonder: My SGX diet is dialed-in, and I’ve been hitting the weights with full-on intensity. Last night’s back workout was even better than last week’s workout! I started off with 4×12 low cable rows, then I did 4×10 wide-grip pull-ups. At this point I was nice and warmed up and feeling great, so I added 10 pounds to last week’s deadlift weight and did 4×12 deadlifts. I wanted to keep the intensity going, so kept the rest intervals between sets VERY short – about 30 seconds. The short rest intervals allowed me to finish the first three exercises in record time, so I went ahead and did 4×12 dumbbell rows. At this point I was sweating so much it looked like I’d just come in from the rain. I was starting to get tired, but I added ten pounds to last week’s barbell shrug weight and cranked out four sets of burnout shrugs. After my workout I made my protein shake and plopped down in front of my computer. Except to drink my protein shake, I didn’t move a muscle for about 30 minutes. This morning I’m already very sore, and it’s only been about 12 hours since my workout. There is nothing more satisfying to me than finishing a workout knowing I gave a 110% effort. That’s how you get results in this game. Tonight is pecs and abs, and I can’t wait!

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