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Saturday, September 10, 2005 by  
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I had a very tough week at work, and yesterday I spent most of the day feeling angry and bitter about the hernia repair that appears to be failing. By the time Friday night rolled around, I was in an unusual funk. I declared to Lisa (with an appropriate amount of male bravado): “I’m going to tie one on tonight and party all night long!” Lisa just rolled her eyes and gave me a knowing smile. She knows me well. I rarely drink, I work out 11 times per week and I make sure 41 of the 42 meals I eat each week are 100% healthy. Simply put, I’m no longer capable of excess or debauchery. Let me translate my statement as it actually went down last night:

1) “I’m going to tie one on tonight…” (What really happened: I had two glasses of wine, and couldn’t even finish the second glass.)

2) “and party…” (What really happened: I drunkenly surfed teh interwebs and told Lisa a lame joke I found.)

3) “all night long!” (What really happened: I was in bed before 9:00 PM, asleep by 9:30. Game, set and match.)

Oh well, I tried. I did have some great BBQ for my cheat meal before I went to bed. As for the hernia, I made an appointment with my doctor for Monday morning. I’ve been through worse, so whatever happens I can deal with it. Hopefully he’ll tell me to just take a week off or something and I won’t have to go through another surgery.

Have a great day everyone!

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