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Good news from doctor.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 by  
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I went to the doctor yesterday about the pain I’ve been feeling around the area of my hernia repair. Good news! The doctor pushed and prodded and said he felt no sign of any serious problems. He said I probably just strained the same area as the hernia repair, and he didn’t see any need to take it any further. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory (“Feldene“, AKA Piroxicam) and told me I could continue to lift weights with no interruption! The Feldene should also help with my shoulders, both of which are always hurting to some degree.

We actually discussed my shoulders quite a bit. He said we could move forward (meaning surgery) whenever I am ready. I told him the pain is quite tolerable right now, more of an annoyance and nothing like the pain I experienced when I injured my right shoulder a couple years ago. So, as long as I can lift and the pain is tolerable, I will avoid the surgery. He was fine with that.

When my doctor first entered the examination room he mentioned my 25+ pound weight gain (I last saw him in April 2004 at about 165 pounds). I told him to put away his BMI calculator and lifted up my shirt. He laughed and didn’t say another word about it.

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