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One month SGX update.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 by  
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I’ve been on SwoleGenix (SGX) exactly one month. The scale says I’ve only lost about 1 pound, but my measurements and the mirror tell a very different story. My lower 2 abs – the last to show – are now fully visible. My “problem area” just below my belly button has shown slow, but steady improvement: One month ago it was 31.25 inches, today it’s just below 31 inches. I’ve lost over a quarter of an inch from my hips, and a half inch from my thighs. My arms have actually grown! When I started SGX my arms measured just under 15.5 inches, they are now over 15.75 inches (cold) and are still slowly gaining size. I’ve also noticed a visible increase in the size of my traps. My chest has remained at 42 inches. My fat loss has been slow but steady, and I’m actually gaining muscle. I’m in no hurry – I’m already pretty lean, so I’ll take slow fat loss with significant muscle gain over fast fat loss and no muscle gain (or muscle loss) any day. This morning I was walking around the house in my shorts and Lisa said she could see a big difference in my body. I’m confident that with another 4-6 weeks of hard work I will reach my cutting goals.

Unfortunately the biggest problem I face (aesthetically speaking) can’t be solved with diet and exercise; that problem is loose skin. I have a very small amount of loose skin just above my belly button on my right side. It hangs down over my belly button on one side. It’s very slight, but also quite noticeable and very bothersome to me. That skin has been there ever since I lost the first 55 pounds a few years ago, so I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere. I’ve always wanted that area to be tight as a drum, but my skin has shown no signs of tightening in that area. A little nip/tuck is probably the only thing that will fully correct it, and that’s not something I’m comfortable with.

I’m running about 30 minutes late – I’d better go get on the bike. See ya!

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