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Shoulders feeling good; Last night’s back workout.

The anti-inflammatory pills my doctor prescribed for my “hernia strain” are working wonders on my shoulders, too! My left shoulder has been bothering me quite a lot lately, but yesterday it felt better than it has in weeks. I worked my back and traps last night and had another very good workout. I started off with 4×12 low cable rows, then I did four sets of wide-grip pull-ups, then I added 10 pounds to last week’s deads and banged out 4 sets of 12. I finished off my back with 4×12 dumbbell rows. I closed my workout by adding 10 pounds to last week’s shrugs and powering through 4 burnout sets. I kept rest intervals very short – about 30 seconds between sets. By the time I finished my last sets of deads, I was breathing very, very hard and sweating like crazy. I love keeping the intensity of my workouts up: once my workouts start, it’s GO! GO! GO! I’m very happy with yesterday’s workout.

Looks like it’s time for my cardio, then tonight I train again: chest and abs. I’m looking forward to an intense chest workout now that my shoulders are feeling better!