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Ready for my cheat meal; Couple new pictures.

Friday, September 16, 2005 by  
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Hello, everyone! I’m sure glad it’s Friday: I’m more than ready for a well-deserved cheat meal and a glass of wine. I think tonight it’s going to be pizza. I’ve been very dedicated to my diet and training program over the past month. I’m pleased to report that I’ve not missed any workouts or meals, and I’ve not strayed from my planned diet even once. Not that it hasn’t been tempting; Lisa’s been bringing home all kind of goodies like chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Damned ectomorphs.

I worked my pecs and abs last night. It was a good workout, but not my best. I kept the intensity level high and improved on a couple of lifts, but I didn’t feel that magic “I can lift the world” feeling that I sometimes get. I took a couple post-workout pictures (looking fairly bloated for some reason) and put them up on the forum.

I’m off to exercise. Happy Friday!

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