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Taking the day off; Logo contest is a go!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005 by  
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Things got a little crazy at work yesterday, so I didn’t get to take the afternoon off as I’d hoped. Thankfully I’m pretty much caught up now, so I’m taking the whole day off today (network gods willing, of course!) Where’s my “happy dance” animated GIF?

I’ve received quite a few excellent logos over the past few days, so the logo contest is a definite “go!” Don’t forget, the deadline for entries is midnight (EDT) on Friday night. Voting will commence sometime next week. I’m glad the JSF community is going to decide the outcome, because I couldn’t possibly choose a winner by myself – many of the entries so far are simply amazing!

I’m going to go do my cardio, eat and then enjoy my day off. I’ll probably get some project done this morning and then watch a DVD this afternoon. I was warily eyeing my pager as I typed those plans out. I hate that thing…

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