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SGX progress report.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005 by  
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I had a very nice day off yesterday. I worked outside for a bit, then watched a couple of DVDs. I also decided to have my weekly “cheat” meal last night: pork barbeque! I didn’t want to have this week’s cheat meal on Friday night because on Saturday morning I’ll be taking my monthly pictures. I don’t want to take the pictures while I’m artificially bloated with water: I’ve worked hard this month and have lost quite a bit of fat, especially around my abdominal region – I want those changes to show! I was already pretty lean before I started SGX, but I think the results I’ve achieved in a little over a month will surprise some of you. I’m down to about 8% body fat right now, I’ve lost several pounds of fat and I’ve packed on a few pounds of solid muscle. I’m going to stay on SGX for another month; I’ve still got some fat/water in my problem area, and the goal was to try and eliminate that. Since strength, muscle loss and energy have NOT been a problem for me, I see no reason to stop now!

Looks like meetings downtown today. I’d better get on the bike and get my meals ready. Have a great day!

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