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No cheat meal tonight; Couple new photos; Last day for logo entries!

Friday, September 30, 2005 by  
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It’s Friday, but no cheat meal for me for tonight. I had my cheat meal for the week on Tuesday night because tomorrow morning I’ll be taking my monthly photos. I don’t want this month’s progress to be hidden under a bunch of water! I took a couple “preview” photos last night after my workout. The first picture is pretty good, but wh0areume called me out for “accidentally” covering my trouble area. So I posted a second picture a little further down the thread that shows my trouble spot below my belly button. That’s the last bit of fat remaining on my body, all in on “convenient” location. That’s the spot I’m hoping another month of dedication and SGX will help me get rid of.

Today is the final day to submit your entries for the JSF LOGO CONTEST! Get those last minute entries in tonight before midnight EDT! Judging will begin sometime next week.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my first “official” pictures at 8% body since early 2004! See ya then…

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