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Last day of cut; Thanks SwoleCat!

This is it – the final day of my SGX cutting cycle! Tomorrow begins my SUP2 bulk, and I’m looking forward to a productive season of big lifting, big meals and big gains. I want to take a moment to thank Chris “SwoleCat” Janusz for working with me over the past few months – it’s been a real pleasure! The small $200.00 investment for his SGX program was well worth it. Based on my own… [Read more]

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Yet another change to my splits; Couple new pictures.

Of course I’m still tweaking my splits and my meals for my upcoming bulk. LOL. What can I say? I like to tinker! So, I worked out a 5-day split with SwoleCat last night, but now I’ve decided that I want to give my delts their own day (along with some trap work in the form of shrugs). Here’s the latest (and hopefully last) split, which I’ve submitted to Chris for approval. Monday: Cardio Tuesday:… [Read more]

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Change to my bulking program; Revised splits.

AtLarge Nutrition is running a scary special over the Halloween weekend! Today through October 31st they are offering 15% off all orders! Now’s a great time to stock up on ETS and their other excellent products. With 15% off everything, don’t forget to put The Road To The Arnold DVD in your cart before you checkout! To get the coupon code click here. I had a long talk with SwoleCat yesterday about the weight training… [Read more]

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More on my bulking plans: Splits, SUP2.

I received my The Road To The Arnold DVD from AtLarge Nutrition, so look for my review this weekend or early next week! You can learn how to get your own copy by clicking the below banner. Last night was chest and arms day. Once again, I used the SUP2 weight training system, but I’m still on the SGX diet. I’ll start the SUP2 diet on Tuesday, which is when my bulk begins. I’m feeling… [Read more]

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New DVD from AtLarge; Last night’s workout.

AtLarge Nutrition has a very cool new DVD for sale: The Road To The Arnold. The Road To The Arnold chronicles Ryan “Bench Monster” Kennelly’s training and life leading up to the 2005 Arnold Classic. I’m not a powerlifter, but after checking out the preview video I think I’m going enjoy having this DVD in my collection. I’m extremely motivated by people who push themselves beyond all limits, and this DVD looks like a trove… [Read more]

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Back to the weights; More on my upcoming bulk.

Today I resume weight training! It feels like I’ve taken a month off, not just a week. I can’t wait to lift tonight – it’s all I’ve been thinking about since the weekend. Even though my bulk doesn’t start until next Tuesday, I’m going to be switching the weight training portion of my program to SUP2 this week. I want to get a feel for the weight training portion of the program before I officially… [Read more]

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First cold snap of the season.

Wow, it’s pretty cold here this morning (for Orlando)! It’s about 49 degrees outside right now and all I can say is ABOUT TIME! It’s the end of October and this is the first hint of cold weather we’ve had this year. I like living in the south, and I like warm weather but by the time “winter” rolls around I’m more than ready for it. Of course the term “winter” in Orlando is relative…. [Read more]

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Ready to start training again; Bulking supplements.

As I mentioned last week, I’m taking a week off from weight training because it’s been a long time since I’ve done so. I’m starting to feel a little (a lot) antsy to get back to it. It felt strange not doing anything at my normal training times this past weekend. Thankfully this Wednesday I can get back at it. In fact, I only have one more weight training workout for each body part left… [Read more]

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Taking the day off.

I’m taking the day off – see ya tomorrow!

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New foods, workout logs; Saturday plans.

Hrm, there’s not a whole lot going on this morning. I’m in the middle of my week off from weight training, at the end of my SGX cutting cycle and mostly just anxiously waiting for my bulk to start. Today Lisa is going grocery shopping and her list looks very different than usual: she will be filling her cart high with all kinds of new foods for my bulk. I can’t wait! Today I think… [Read more]

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