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Titan update: where’s the review and web site?

Wednesday, October 5, 2005 by  
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A lot of people have been asking me about my Titan review – mainly, WHERE THE HECK IS IT?! I’m happy to say that my written review will be coming soon – I’m working on it now. The are a couple of reasons why the review is taking so long…

First, the guys at Fitcore wanted to make sure I had the latest version of the Titan for my review. I agreed, and purchased an upgrade kit from them. There have been a number of tweaks and refinements (some suggested by yours truly 🙂 ) since I received my Titan. It took some time to get all the changes made and ship the replacement parts to me from Poland. While certainly not necessary, current Titan owners will have the option of purchasing an upgrade kit if they choose. The currently shipping Titan is the latest version, and includes all changes and refinements. I’ll cover all the changes and what’s included in the upgrade kit somewhere in my review.

The other major reason for the delay is because Fitcore’s new web site is still being completed. The guys at Fitcore have been working very hard with their web developer to get their new site done, but it’s proven to be no small task! I’m pretty sure it’s finally almost done.

I know many of you who are interested in purchasing a Titan have been waiting for the review and the new Fitcore web site. It should be just a few more weeks longer! Thanks for your patience.

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