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Part two of yesterday’s update.

Saturday, October 8, 2005 by  
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I received a tremendous amount of email in response to yesterday’s Daily News update – a total of 67 emails, so far. I’ve read each and every one of the emails, some of them twice. I appreciate that so many of you took the time to write and let me know your feelings about what I said. Most of the emails were very supportive and positive in nature; I would classify just three of them as “negative”. None were rude. I’d like to address some of the many comments and questions I received…

What I wrote yesterday was from the heart, but it was “designed” to trigger a reaction. When I say “designed”, I don’t mean to imply that I was attempting to deceive or manipulate anyone – nothing could be further from the truth! I was speaking honestly and openly on an emotional level. When I write to inspire, my hope is that my words bring about an emotional, gut-level response from the people who choose to visit my site. Based on the pile of emails I’ve received over the past 24 hours, I’d say I was successful.

It’s all about making connections. Some people connect with the way I put things, some people don’t. Jeremy Likness, for example, speaks about “courage” and “fear”, while I call the same thing “gutting it out” and “making excuses”. Jeremy may disagree that the previous examples are analogous, but personally I see them as basically the same things. We are simply wrapping what is essentially the same message in different packaging. Again, it’s all about making connections. Hopefully if you don’t respond to what I’m saying on an emotional level, another author will make that connection with you.

I do love to be inspired! It’s a real rush when I read something or hear someone speak to me as if they could read my innermost thoughts, telling me exactly what I need to hear to push myself to new heights. I may not be a master wordsmith, but I try to return the favor as much as I can by speaking honestly. It’s a wonderful symbiotic cycle, and I love being a part of it.

Many of you wrote to me and said what I wrote yesterday was just what you needed to hear. Awesome! If what I wrote rattles around in just one brain long enough for that person to adopt a permanent change in their lifestyle, I’ll consider the time I spent writing it well worthwhile. A few of you felt that my words were rooted in ego. Actually, I agree – but I see nothing wrong with that. No one wants to be plain or ordinary, but the sad fact is many of us settle for it. As a race, humans have an intrinsic desire to be noticed; we want to be appreciated and we want to stand out from the crowd. We’re inherently competitive, but life beats the competitive spark out of us if we don’t nurture it. Just look at all the apathetic people out there who drift around from day to day with no aim except to get to the next day. I was like that. What a horrible way to live! Fitness was the spark that inspired me to start living again, so I speak about it with passion and fire. While I never set out to offend, that’s a price I’m willing to pay if I can help motivate others to do better.

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