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Sunday, October 9, 2005 by  
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My Daily News posts over the last couple of days were meant to inspire and uplift – I didn’t mean to disparage in any way. We can only answer the question “Am I happy?” for ourselves. There are a lot of unhappy people out there, and I was one of them. Fitness was the key that allowed me to unlock my long-lost self-esteem. Fitness helped make me a productive and satisfied member of society after years of aimless drifting. This is a fitness site, so I speak from what I know and what helped me. Since the people who visit this site are clearly interested in fitness, but not all are succeeding in reaching their goals, my hope is that my words will inspire them to do better – both in fitness, and in life.

There are moms, dads, bothers, sisters, single folks, husbands and wives out there who’s lives are totally complete. Many of them have never lifted a single weight or done even one crunch. Does that make them less than those who do? Of course not! I feel sick that I may not have expressed this clearly enough. I don’t look down on anyone. The whole goal in keeping the main site running and starting the forums was to help others do what I did: improve their lives through fitness.

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