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Bulking meal plans; Last cheat meal of the month tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 by  
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For the past week I’ve been slowly working on my meal plans for my upcoming SUP2 bulk. While I can’t go into specifics about my custom SUP2 diet, I can say that I’ll be eating quite a few carbs throughout the day. When it comes to cooking, having ample carbs to work with opens up entire worlds of culinary possibilities. My mouth was watering last night as I nailed down a couple of upcoming menus. Because I do all the cooking and Lisa eats whatever I make, I think she’s more excited about my upcoming bulk than I am!

Tomorrow’s my birthday (I’ll be 37), and I’ve decided that it’s also going to be my last cheat meal until I start bulking next month. I’m going out in style: I’m going to have BBQ pork, a couple of beers and maybe some cake. After tomorrow, nothing but clean eating until the end of my cut. That’s just 2 weeks away, so it’s not as if it will be difficult to do.

Time for my cardio workout! See ya tomorrow…

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