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Taking a week off from weight training; Tonight’s plans.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005 by  
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It’s been many months since I’ve taken a break from weight training, and with my bulk coming up there won’t another chance for a break for a long while. I’ve always found that a week off from weight training every 3 months or so to be very beneficial, so I’ve decided to take this week off from weight training. I’ll still be doing cardio and eating clean, of course. Next week I’ll resume strength training for the last week of my SGX program, and then my bulk starts: 12-16 weeks of hardcore lifting and eating.

Tonight’s my cheat meal, and what a cheat it will be: BBQ pork (pulled, sliced and ribs), baked beans, garlic bread, french fries, ice-cold Red Stripe, cake and ice cream. I’m going to savor every bite of that meal while I watch my new “UFC Ultimate Knockouts” DVDs. Perfect.

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