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Awesome day yesterday; New lifting music.

Thursday, October 20, 2005 by  
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My birthday yesterday was just about perfect in every way; I had a stress-free 1/2 day of work (I cut out early), ate a fantastically indulgent dinner with my wife and then I got relax and enjoy an evening of MMA action with no interruptions from my pager. Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes!

I got some new CDs yesterday. I like my music loud and aggressive when I train, and this new batch of CDs certainly fits that description! Here’s some of what I’ll be lifting to while I’m bulking over the next few months: God Forbid – “Gone Forever”, Stampin’ Ground – “A New Darkness Upon Us”, Dry Kill Logic – “The Dead And Dreaming”, Diecast – “Tearing Down Your Blue Skies” and Unearth – “The Oncoming Storm”. Of course I’ll be mixing in some of my old favorites like Shadow’s Fall, Hatebreed and Fear Factory, as well.

Just 12 days to go until my bulk – I can’t wait!@#

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