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First cold snap of the season.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005 by  
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Wow, it’s pretty cold here this morning (for Orlando)! It’s about 49 degrees outside right now and all I can say is ABOUT TIME! It’s the end of October and this is the first hint of cold weather we’ve had this year. I like living in the south, and I like warm weather but by the time “winter” rolls around I’m more than ready for it. Of course the term “winter” in Orlando is relative. We’ve not had snow here since the very first year I moved to Orlando – way back in 1989! I’d love to see a little snow this year. If for no other reason than I think my dogs would love it! Of course I have the plants to worry about, many of which can’t handle the cold, so maybe I don’t want snow after all.

Uh, just listen to me droning on about the weather – I’ve turned into my mother! See what happens when you take a week off from weight training? Sheesh. Next think you know I’ll be watching romantic comedies. This week off from weight training has been the longest week of my life. Thankfully tomorrow I resume my workouts.

Cardio time!

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